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Today In Music History - April 25 Today In Music History - April 25  Rascal Flatts Hit #1 With ’Unstoppable’; Godsmack's 'IV' Released; TLC's Lisa Lopes Killed; Next Hit #1 With ‘Too Close’; Mobb Deep Releases Second Album, ‘The Infamous’; Blur's ‘Parklife’ Released; Eagles' 'Hell Freezes Over' Album Recorded; Kris Kross Hit #1 With 'Jump'; U2's ‘The Joshua Tree’ Hits #1; James Brown Records ‘Sex Machine’ Song; Jackson 5 Hit #1 With 'ABC'; Elvis Hits #1 With 'Stuck On You'; Ella Fitzgerald Born

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126  Ford Focused On Futuristic Interiors
125  Obama Finally Calls To Congratulate Israeli PM Netanyahu
124  Ubers Take Manhattan? Ride Share Cars Outnumber Yellow Cabs
123  Souped-Up 2016 Chevy Camaro To Debut In May
122  Biogen Alzheimer's Drug May Be Elusive Breakthrough, Study Shows
121  Europe Witnesses Total Solar Eclipse
120  Earth Facing 40% Shortfall In Water Supply
119  Missing Link Between Supernovae And Planet Formation Found
118  WHO Calls For Global Action To Support New 20-year Strategy To Eradicate TB
117  US 'Considering Next Steps' Over Allegations Of Chemical Weapons Use In Syria
116  World Cup Final 2022 To Be Played On Qatar's National Day, December 18
115  US Army, Air Force Leaders Warn Congress Against Further Military Spending Cuts
114  Guinea Reports Highest Weekly Ebola Cases In 2015 - UN
113  UN Warns Of Humanitarian Crisis In Nigeria
112  China, U.S. Telecom Giants Top Patent Applicants In 2014 - UN Report
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